Rolling Stones unlock five decades of archives with huge exhibition in London

Euronews –

Fans sure can get satisfaction from all the Rolling Stones memorabilia now on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

More than 500 artifacts borrowed from the band’s archive and private collectors, and retracing five decades of Stones history, are showcased in the exhibition, aptly named “Exhibitionism”.

Mick Jagger, the band’s lead singer, said: “I’m really pleased with it and I think people will enjoy it, I mean, if you like the Rolling Stones you’ll enjoy it, but if you don’t like the Rolling Stones, don’t bother coming!”

“It’s a big surprise and it’s an ongoing one, really, ’cause the band is still working and it’s good to see all this going on, notching up the years, you know, and full of surprises,” said artist

Ronnie Wood.

The result is a treasure trove for fans: lyrics, sketches, film clips, musical instruments, outfits, posters, stage designs and even a fake donkey… The band is known for doing things on a grand scale.

The exhibition also features a recreated recording studio where visitors can watch footage of the Stones at work, and listen to recordings and discussions about their creative process.